The plant in Lizums is a highly efficient wood-fired CHP with a high pressure (55 bar) water tube steam boiler of 14.5 MWt and a 3.3 MWe steam turbine. The plant supplies heat to a wood pellet line and a furniture factory.

After after already one year and three months the installation succesfully passed the operability test. This means that the installation generated electricity for five consecutive days.


Start-up / First fire March, 2017
Passed operability test April, 2017


Wood storage 500 m³ bunker with overhead crane
Wood supply system Bunker, chain scraper and hydraulic push infeeder
Furnace 16.5 MWth – 7.5 tons/hour wood chips
Water tube steam boiler 14.5 MWth at 55 bar and 450 °C
Steam turbine 3.3 MWe at 79 °C
Steam condenser 10.7 MWth at 79 °C
Flue gas cleaning Multicyclone
Efficiency > 88%


  • The wood-fired CHP has been built at a big carpentry in Lizums and delivers 3.1 MWe electricity and 10.5 MWt heat to the carpentry;
  • Waste wood derived from the production and tree bark coming from the saw mills is used as fuel.