‘Green gas Kampen’ is a collaboration between dairy farmer De Groot and HoSt. The installation is both operated and maintained by HoSt.

This Microferm Green Gas Installation produces 252,000 Nm3 (cubic meters) of green gas from 15,000 tonnes of manure each year, of which a maximum of 5% is agricultural co-products. More than 160 Dutch households can use the produced green gas for cooking, heating and hot water.

The manure is anaerobically digested in the digester and converted into biogas. In the biogas upgrading system, the biogas produced is upgraded to biomethane (green gas). Subsequently, the product gas with natural gas quality is fed directly into the natural gas network.

Project Green Gas Kampen receives the government’s subsidy Stimulation Sustainable Energy Production (SDE+).


Start construction January 2019
Startup April 2019


Capacity 252,000 Nm3  biomethane / year
Input 15,000 tonnes / year of manure, of which max. 5% co-products.
Digester ø 14 m
After-digester ø 18 m
Pre-storage / receipt 3 x 100 m3 storage tanks for liquid input to digester


Capacity 60 Nm³/hr biogas
40 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration biogas 57%
Methane concentration product gas 89% (Dutch low calorific gas)
Efficiency 99%


  • Gas-to-grid injection
  • HoSt is the operator of the plant

More information

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