Greenhouses in Horst (NL) supplied with renewable heat generated from pruning waste

HoSt was commissioned to replace an old biomass boiler installation with a compact 5 MWt biomass boiler at a greenhouse horticulture company in Horst in the province of North Limburg. 

Wood shreds from necessary pruning maintenance will be used as resource to produce heat. These wood shreds originate from municipally collected compostable material from Horst and its surrounding areas, and do not have any other destination anymore. The renewable heat is supplied to two of the client’s pepper greenhouses of in total 4.2 hectares, to the neighbour’s pepper greenhouse of 2.2 hectares, and to an ivy greenhouse of 1.8 hectares.

Replacing old biomass boiler

The HoSt compact boiler will replace the client’s current biomass boiler installation. The new boiler plant is equipped with extensive flue gas cleaning technology through urea injection in the furnace. The flue gas cleaning guarantees low nitrogen dioxide emissions of NOx <145/Nm3.

Besides installing a new boiler, a 4 MWth flame tube boiler, a 4.64 MWth furnace with the capacity of 1.83 tonnes per hour of wood shreds and a multicyclone will be supplied. A major gain for the installation will be the flue gas condenser which increases efficiency by 20% and brings the total efficiency to 108%, with the total capacity of 5 MWth.


Start construction Expected: November 2019
Start-up / First fire Expected: January 2020


Furnace 4.64 MWth – 1.83 tonnes/hr wood shreds
Flame tube boiler 4 MWth
Efficiency > 107.8% (higher than 100%, because of implementation of flue gas condenser)


  • Boiler type: Commercial / compact boiler
  • Replacement of an old biomass boiler built by another company
  • Urea injection

More information

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