In Grajewo, a town in north-eastern Poland, a wood-fired boiler has been realised in 2011 with support of European Union (EU) incentives.

About 43,000 MWh is produced annually from 13,000 tonnes untreated and clean virgin wood chips, produced from forestry and sawmill activities, to provide district heating to the city district heating network. The steam boiler is designed to work with a 0.6 MWe steam engine to generateelectric power either for internal use or to the grid. A well-planned maintenance program avoids unnecessary down time or costly repairs.


Start-up / first fire 2011


Input 13,000 tonnes / year of virgin wood chips
Wood supply system Bunker, moving floor, belt conveyor and hydraulic push infeeder.
Fire tube hot water boiler 5.5 MWt
Efficiency 86%


  • High efficiency;
  • High availability;
  • Steam parameters 28 bar and 285 ºC;
  • The system is engineered in a such a way that it works as optimal as possible with a 0.6 MWe steam engine;
  • High volume feedstock for extended autonomy.