In this project HoSt realised a digesting installation in the city of Eppeville in France. The industrial digestion installation has a capacity of 35.000 tons per year. HoSt also developed an biogas upgrading installation in this project for upgrading biogas to biomethane.

Location Eppeville, France
Start construction September 2015
Start-up November 2016
Capacity 35.000 tons/year
Input Manure, sludge, vegetables waste, straw and agriculture waste
Digester(s) 2 x 2.281 m³
After-digester(s) 1 x 2.281 m³
Solid feeding input 2 x 80 m³ Solid Feeding System
Pre-storage 100 m³  + 300 m³
  • Injection into the grid
  • Straw line input
  • Large variety of input materials


Read more about the biogas upgrading system of project Eppeville.


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