Fuel-flexible CHP plant with extremely low environmental impact

This unique ‘new generation’ installation is engineered to combust wood as well as other biomass and residues, such as paper sludge and waste wood. HoSt is in charge of the realisation of the new installation.

The installation will be built in an existing building at an industrial site in Duiven, the Netherlands. The renovation started in November 2018 and is planned to be finished by mid-2020. Initially, low-grade woody biomass will be combusted, such as residues originating from a composing plant that processes green waste. However, with an eye on the future, the installation will allow incineration of additional types of biomass and residues. As such, operation will not be depend on the limited amount of available high quality and expensive wood chips.

Located in the near vicinity of a nature reserve, the CHP plant needs to comply with very stringent emission requirements. Through the use of highly-advanced flue gas abatement technology the plant emission of nitrogen dioxide emissions will be the lowest of its kind in the Netherlands – 5 times below the emission norm. The reuse of the empty factory hall is an additional sustainable benefit.

The installation will deliver steam at 8 bar and generate 15% electricity. The produced heat will be delivered to several industrial dryers and the electricity will be delivered to the grid. In the future, the installation can be connected to the local district heating network of Arnhem & Nijmegen.


Start project November 2018
Start-up 2020


Wood storage 1800 m3
Wood supply system Automatic crane, moving floor, fuel scraper
Furnace 15 MWth input
Steam turbine Approx. 2 MWe
Bag house filter Dust emission < 5mg/Nm3


  • Reconstruction of existing plant
  • Flexibility in biomass input
  • Lowest nitrogen dioxide emission in the Netherlands
  • The installation can be operated autonomously using an advanced operating system
  • Automatic crane for fuel handling

More information

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