HoSt built a co-digestion installation for the digestion of manure with low-grade residues, including residues from the sugar beet industry. Unique about installation is that the heat that is generated is used for drying the solid fraction of the digestate.

The electricity genereated by the co-digestion process is returned to the grid. The electricity production is 8 million kWh per year, which corresponds to a consumption of 2,600 households.


Start Construction September 2005
Startup February 2006


Capacity 50,000 m³/year
Input Manure and co-substrates such as corn and beets
Digester(s) 3 x 1,360 m³
After-digester(s) 3 x 4,500 m³
CHP(s) 4 x 340 kWe
Solid feeding input 80 m³ mixing/dosing bin with input screws


  • Digestion of low-grade residues, including residues from the sugar beet industry.

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