For this project in Chernozemen, Bulgaria, HoSt built a biogas plant with a capacity of 1.5 MWe, mainly based on the input of liquid cow manure with co-products as silage corn and straw.

The 1,5 MWe biogas plant is built with a solid feeding system, a liquid input system consisting of a pump and cutter, 2 digester tanks in combination with an after-digester tank, a separator system, after-storage tanks and a building with a control and heating room, a 1.5 MWe CHP and a room for the operator.

Host has developed a digesting concept to create the possibility to digest large amounts of straw. A high efficiency is realized by applying 2-step digestion with an after-digester tank together with a high quality type of mixing.


Start construction Spring 2015
Start-up / commissioning Spring 2016


Capacity ± 50,000 tons / year
Input Mainly liquid cow manure, silage corn and straw
Solid feeding input
  • 80 m³ mixing/dosing bin with input screws
  • Straw input line with airlift to input screws
Digesters  2 x 2,714 m³
After-digester 1 x 2,714 m³
CHP 1 x 1,560 kWe


  • Possibility to digest large amounts of straw due to a special straw input line
  • Flexible plant, suitable for various input streams

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