HoSt built a co-digestion plant at Biogas Bree. Unique about this system is that the vegetable and animal material is digested and drained in seperate lines. In Belgium, the digestate from the vegetable digesters does not have to be sold as animal manure, which makes it a valuable product to sell.

The vegetable products are converted in two highly efficient two-stage digesters. The solid fraction of the vegetable digesters is being digested in a third digester along with the animal products in order to achieve the highest possible returns. The digestate from the animal digester is dried in combination with the solid fraction of the vegetable digesters with waste heat from the CHPs.

Manure, agricultural products and waste streams are used for generating renewable energy and heat. The capacity of the installation is 45,000 tonnes/year and the installation produces 2.5 MWe of renewable electricity.


Start Construction May 2012
Startup February 2013


Capacity 45,000 m³/year
Input Manure, corn, waste streams of the food industry and agricultural residues
Digester(s) 2 x 2,700 m³ for agricultural material;1 x 2,700 m³ for animal material
After-digester(s) 1 x 2,700 m³
CHP(s) 2 x 1.2 MWe + FGC
Pre-strorage/ receipt 4 x 100 m³ polyester silos for input liquid waste and manure from the manure pits
Sanitation/ thermal treatment 10 m³ hygienisation tank (capacity of 6 m³ per 4 hours), 1 hour at 70°C
Solid feeding input 2 x 80 m³ moving floor (input vegetable streams); 1x 40 m³ mix/dosing bin (input animal streams)


  • Separate digestion lines for vegetable and animal materials
  • Digestate from animal digesters is sanitized

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