HoSt built a biogas plant in Botoš, Zrenjanin in Serbia. The construction of the biogas plant consists of two phases. The first phase is now completed, with an electricity production of 600kW.

In the first phase, beet pulp and sugar beet waste, supplemented with corn silage, will be digested. The heat will be used to heat up the digester. The electricity will be fed in to the national grid.

The digestate will be separated into thick and thin fraction by a Screw Press Separator. The thin fraction could be stored for almost 4 months in the lagoon, which is based next to the installation.

The construction of the second phase will be started right after the first phase, wherein the amount of the above-mentioned input streams is increased and a second CHP unit of 600 kW will be placed. The plant will be increased by 1 digester and 1 after digester. Also liquid input will be added in the 2nd phase.


Start construction Spring 2015
Start-up / commissioning Spring 2016


Capacity 13,600 tons/year
Input Beet pulp and sugar beet waste, supplemented with corn
Solid feeding input 1 x 40 m³ mixing/dosing bin with input screws
Digester 1 x 1,836 m³ (net volume)
CHP 1 x 600 kWe with biogas flare
After-treatment Screw press separator built on platform with thin fraction after storage


  • Plant runs on high organic load (600 kWe from ,1836 m³ digesting volume)
  • Flexible installation for various input streams
  • Delivery of total installation in 2 phases

More information

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