HoSt has built a biogas installation in Buzau, Romania, at a chicken slaughter house. The purpose is to produce sustainable electricity and heat out of the slaughter house waste.

The installation is equiped with a pre-treatment installation for size reduction of the slaughter house waste. Afterwards, the slaughter house waste gets a temperature treatment through an injection of steam. The result of this treatment is that category 2 material can be digested (according to EU regulations at a minimum of 133°C during 20 minutes) and, furthermore, the treatment improves the degradation of organic material (thermal pressure hydrolysis).

Besides slaughter house waste, it is also possible to digest agricultural products and other waste products in the installation. This option is chosen to be flexible regarding the input, and to have the possibility to add additional products until there is enough slaughter house waste available to run on full capacity. The digestate from this installation is processed in an after treatment installation, in which substreams will be partly recirculated in the digestion process for dilution.


Start Construction 2010
Startup 2011


Capacity 70.000 tonnes/year
Input Chicken slaughter house waste, sludge of the water treatment installation, corn, waste products
Digester(s) 2 x 3,190 m³
After-digester(s) 1 x 3,190 m³
CHP(s) 2 x 1.1 MWe
Sanitation/temperature treatment 2 x 10 m³ sanitation tank for category 2 material with steam injection
Solid feeding input 40 m³ mixing/dosing bin with input screws for agricultural products.

15 m³ reception bin for slaughter house waste with size reduction


  • Category 2 sanitation with steam injection
  • Possibility to digest 100% slaughter house waste
  • Combination with after treatment digestate

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