HoSt built this installation in 2011 at a large pig farm in Poland. The installation is exploited by Polenergia for the generation of sustainable electricity.

The pig farm owns up to 24,000 pigs. A large share of the total input menu therefore consists of pig manure. This installation, built by HoSt, uses agricultural waste products and manure to generate sustainable electricity and heat.

The HoSt technology makes it possible to digest with short residence times. As a result of this, the installation can digest 120,000 tons annually. Two engines of respectively 800 kWe and 1,200 kWe have been installed.

The heat is used to pasteurize the digestate and to heat the stables.


Start Construction November 2011
Startup November 2012


Capacity 120,000 tons/year
Input Pig manure, sugar beet pulp, potato waste and other waste products from the food industry
Digester(s) 2 x 4,260 m³
After digester(s) 1 x 4,260 m³
CHP(s) 1 x MWM 800 kWe; 1 x MWM 1200 kWe
Solid feeding input 1 x 80 m³


  • Large part of the menu consists of pig manure
  • Flexible installation for various input streams
  • Highly efficient installation due to two-stage concept and optimal mixing in digesters
  • Special equipment for maintaining the temperature in the installation during the severe winters in Poland.

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