The biogas installation at Pronk in Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands initially contained a 190 kWe CHP unit. Immediately after the startup, the istallation is expanded with a second  CHP unit of 190 kWe.

A year later, an additional digester and a 340 kWe CHP unit was placed to increase the capacity of the plant.

Unique about the biogas plant at Pronk is that low-grade co-materials are digested. The company uses cutting vegetable waste from a vegetable processor in the area as an input product for the digester. The solid feeding input system placed by HoSt is suitable for the shredding and processing of such input streams.


Start Construction Phase 1: June 2006

Phase 2: March 2007

Startup Phase 1: November 2006

Phase 2: September 2007


Capacity 19,000 ton/year
Input Cattle manure with corn and vegetable waste
Digester(s) Phase 1: 1 x 1,530 m³

Phase 2: + 1 x 1,530 m³

After-digester(s) 1 x 4,525 m³ + 4,500 m³ after-strorage
CHP(s) Phase 1: 2 x 190 kWe

Phase 2: + 1 x 340 kWe

Solid feeding input 60 m³ mixing/dosing bin with input screws
Pre-strorage/ receipt Phase 1: manure from cattle stall

Phase 2: 2 x 70 m³ liquid feed tanks


  • Digestion of low-grade, low cost co-materials such as vegetable waste from the environment of the company

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