This installation, built by HoSt, uses agricultural products and manure to produce sustainable electricity and heat. Unique about this installation is that the input/ mixing concept allows the digestion of difficult waste streams, such as chicken manure, grass and straw.

The installation is built in 2 phases. In the first phase, in 2012, the capacity was 1.2 MWe, which was doubled to 2.4 MWe in the second phase in 2013. With this expansion, an identical digester was added, and the total efficiency was improved by placing a second after-digester.


Start Construction Phase 1: Oct 2011
Phase 2: April 2013
Startup Phase 1: August 2012
Phase 2: December 2013


Capacity Phase 1: 30,000 tons/year
Phase 2: 60,000 tons/year
Input Manure, corn, laying hen manure, grass and other waste products
Digester(s) Phase 1: 2 x 2,078 m³
Phase 2: + 2 x 2,078 m³
After-digester(s) Phase 1: 1 x 2,078 m³
Phase 2: + 1 x 3,167 m³
CHP(s) Phase 1: 1 x 1.2 MWe MWM
Phase 2: + 1 x 1.2 MWe MWM + flare
Pre-storage/receipt Manure tank 380 m³, 100 m³ polyester silo
Solid feeding input 1 x 80 m³ mixing/dosing container with input screws


  • Delivery in 2 phases
  • Suitable for difficult input such as grass or laying hen manure
  • High total efficiency due to three-stage concept
  • Suitable for a climate with severe winters

More information

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