In this project, a digesting installation is realized with a total capacity of 1.56 MWe. Besides the ‘normal’ input of a co-digester (cattle manure, chicken manure and corn), the input of the installation consists for a large part of apple pulp. The apple pulp is a waste product of the apple cider production.

The total installation consists of a solid feeding system for solid products and an input for liquid products. In the installation, a high efficiency is realized by applying highly efficient digesters and a combination of main digesters with an after-digester. The total capacity of the installation is approximately 12,500 MWh/year.

The digestate is separated in a thin fraction, which makes it possible to store the thin fraction in a large basin for the winter months, without forming floating layers and sedimentation.


In this project HoSt also developed an installation for biogas upgrading and HoSt delivered a CO2 liquefaction and storage plant. The plant will capture 850 kg/hour CO2 from the off-gas output of HoSt’s membrane upgrade plant, processing 1.000 m3/h biogas. This represents a total utilisation of the biogas production with CH4 sent to grid and CO2 captured for re-use.


Start Construction March 2011
Startup November 2011


Capacity 40,000 tons/year
Input Cattle manure, chicken manure, apple pomace and corn
Digester(s) 2 x 2,281 m³
After-digester 1 x 1,527 m³
CHP(s) 1,560 kWe MWM + FGC
Solid feeding input 2 x 60 m³ mixing/dosing bin with input screws
After-treatment Screw press separator


Capacity 1000 Nm³/hr raw biogas
520 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane content raw biogas 50-55%
Methane content product gas > 97%
After-digester(s) 1 x 1,527 m³
Efficiency 99.9%
CO2 liquefaction capacity 850 kg/h
CO2 purity >99.7% (food-grade)


  • Plant runs on high organic load (1.56 MWe from 4.560 m³ main digesting volume)
  • Flexible system for various input streams
  • Digestion of apple pomace

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