HoSt has developed an installation for upgrading biogas to a methane-rich product gas which can be injected into the gas grid. This installation is able to separate methane and carbon dioxide with a very high efficiency and to a very high methane concentration.

In this project a small scale biogas upgrading unit is placed to upgrade biogas from the sewage plant to the quality of the natural gas. The upgraded biogas is injected in the national gas grid. The capacity of this installation is 40 Nm³/hr biogas. The complete upgrading unit including compressor, membranes, control, odorisation and biogas analysis is placed in a 20 ft. container.

This type of biogas upgrading installation is suitable for biogas from co-digestion plants, sewage plants and land fill sites and available in a capacity of 35 Nm³/hr – 500 Nm³/hr biogas. Depending on the local grid, the biogas can be upgraded to 89-97% CH4.

Location Assen, The Netherlands
Start construction October 2012
Start-up November 2013
Capacity 40 Nm³/hr biogas
20 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration raw biogas 55%
Methane concentration product gas Up to 97%
Efficiency > 99%
  • Small scale biogas upgrading installation
  • Placement in 20 ft container
  • Injection of upgraded biogas in the grid

More information

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