This is the first Microferm biogas plant in France, realized by cattle farm Gaec des Buissons. It is a demo project by the agricultural cooperation ‘Terrena’ for exclusively digesting manure and waste products of the private cattle farm.  The manure is pumped freshly into the Microferm plant, because the stable is furnished with a closed floor and slurry scrapers.

The Microferm system generates electricity and heat from cattle manure, fodder leftovers and straw. The straw is initially used in cubicles, after which it is converted in the Microferm into sustainable electricity and heat together with the fresh manure.

The heat is used in 3 private houses.


Start construction June 2013
Startup September 2013


Capacity 7.000 m³ per year
Input Cattle manure + straw and food waste of the private company
Digester(s) Microferm, 128 m³
After-digesters(s) 1 x 460 m³ + gas storage
CHP 1 x 65 kW CHP
Pre-storage/receipt Cutting pump for manure input


  • Digestion of cattle manure with straw
  • Heat utilization for three private houses
  • Existing silo is used as gas-tight end storage

More information

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