For a project in Farleigh Wallop, HoSt has built a digestion plant with a total capacity of 1,489 kWe. The input of the plant consists of 100% ‘brown bin waste’. This is vegetable and garden waste, collected in bio bins which are made of corn starch.

The system consists of two depackaging lines for ‘brown bin waste’ in combination with 2 polyester silos for the input of liquid waste streams. The waste streams are buffered in a mixing tank and mixed before they are pumped into the digester.

A high total efficiency is achieved through the use of highly efficient digesters and the combination of two main digester with an after-digester.


Start construction April 2013
Start-up December 2013


Capacity 40,000 tons/year
Input 100% ‘brown bin waste’
Digester(s) 2 x 1,800 m³ ( Ø 21 m)
After-digester(s) 1 x 1,400 m³ ( Ø 18 m)
CHP(s) 1 x 1,489 kWe
Pre-storage/receipt 2 x 80 m³ receiving tank liquid biomass
Solid feeding input 2 x depackaging line for ‘brown bin waste’


  • Digestion of 100% brown bin waste
  • High efficiency is achieved through the use of highly efficient digesters

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