Biogas upgrading

Almere, The Netherlands

For project ‘Groen Gas Almere’ (Green Gas Almere) HoSt has realised a biogas upgrading system with a capacity of 850 Nm³/hr biogas. HoSt also delivered a CO2 liquefaction and… Read more

Harderwijk, The Netherlands

In an unique public-private partnership between The Vallei and Veluwe Regional Water Authority and manure transport company Jan Bakker HoSt will build a biogas plant, a biogas upgrading system… Read more

Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

HoSt built a biogas upgrading installation, supplied by Bright Biomethane, for the regional water authority ‘Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland‘, one of the 22 Dutch water authorities. The installation produces green… Read more

Äänekoski, Finland

This biogas upgrading installation in Äänekoski, in central Finland, is the first project of HoSt in Finland and is placed at ‘Bioproduct Mill’, a ‘new generation’ bioproduct mill built… Read more

Waalwijk, The Netherlands

In Waalwijk, HoSt has constructed a biogas plant and a biogas upgrading unit to upgrade biogas to the quality of natural gas. The biogas upgrading has an innovative heat… Read more

Hereford, England

Total utilisation with CO2 Liquefaction In this project besides the digestion installation HoSt also developed an installation for biogas upgrading and HoSt delivered a CO2 liquefaction and storage… Read more

Eppeville, France

In this project HoSt realised in Eppeville, France besides the digesting installation also a biogas upgrading system for upgrading biogas to biomethane. The upgrading system has a capacity… Read more

Jelsum, The Netherlands

COMPLETE REPOWERING AND CONVERSION TO BIOMETHANE PLANT The biogas plant at a cattle farm in Jelsum in The Netherlands was originally constructed by HoSt in 2006 generating electricity… Read more

Den Bommel, Netherlands

At a dairy and arable farm in Den Bommel (NL), biomethane is produced and delivered to the natural gas network. In the Microferm digestion plant built by HoSt,… Read more

Härnösand, Sweden

This efficient biogas upgrading project in Härnösand, Sweden is the first project HoSt realized in Sweden. The purpose of the plant is to produce biogas from food waste… Read more

Assen, The Netherlands

HoSt has developed an installation for upgrading biogas to a methane-rich product gas which can be injected into the gas grid. This installation is able to separate methane… Read more

Tours, France

HoSt has developed an installation for upgrading biogas to a methane-rich product gas which can be injected into the gas grid. The installation is placed at a project… Read more