Microferm digestion

Vriezenveen, Netherlands

The Microferm green gas installation at a farmer in Vriezenveen, the Netherlands produces 40 Nm3 biomethane per hour, sufficient for keeping around 400 Dutch families warm. The produced biogas… Read more

Deurningen, Netherlands

This Microferm green gas installation at a dairy farmer in Deurningen in the Netherlands produces 40 Nm3 green gas per hour, sufficient for keeping warm around 400 Dutch families.… Read more

Den Bommel, Netherlands

At a dairy and arable farm in Den Bommel (NL), biomethane is produced and delivered to the natural gas network. In the Microferm digestion plant built by HoSt,… Read more

Angers, France

Small scale biogas plants

This is the first Microferm biogas plant in France, realized by cattle farm Gaec des Buissons. It is a demo project by the agricultural cooperation ‘Terrena’ for exclusively digesting… Read more

Ochtrup, Germany

Microferminstallatie Duitsland

Two hundred dairy cows with calves are kept on the dairy farm of Franke. On this farm, HoSt has built a Microferm plant. The unique characteristic of this biogas… Read more

Well, Netherlands

Den Eelder is a dairy farm in Well, The Netherlands, which has approximately 500 dairy cows. All milk is processed into dairy products at the farm. HoSt placed… Read more

Langeveen, Netherlands

This farm, owned by Kleizen, has 400 pink veal calfs, held for meat production. In 2010, this first Microferm was commissioned after a construction time of approximately 4… Read more