Industrial digestion plants

Merkem, Belgium

This plant in Merkem (Belgium), which is operated by Eneco, is optimized by HoSt. The plant was originally built by a German supplier and only suitable for the… Read more

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Water Board Veluwe is able to be self-sufficient in electricity with this biogas plant. Different streams, such as flotation sludge, slaughterhouse waste and unpacked foods are digested in the plant.… Read more

Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands

At BIR in Lichtenvoorde (Netherlands), HoSt built the first biogas plant in the Netherlands that runs on industrial waste streams exclusively. The installation was built in two phases. The… Read more

Son, Netherlands

The installation in Son built by HoSt uses various input streams (flotation sludge, liquid waste from the food industry and offal) to produce renewable electricity and heat. The installation… Read more