Industrial digestion plants

Worlington, England

FLEXIBLE BIOGAS PLANT WITH PROVEN HOST TECHNOLOGY Following construction of the Euston biogas plant in 2014, located near Thetford, UK, HoSt has since built a second gas to… Read more

Montauban, France

The plant in Montauban (de Bretagne) converts the produced biogas into electricity. The available heat is utilized in a greenhouse complex. To make this happen, solid and liquid… Read more

Kastellin (Châteaulin), France

Unique about the plant in Kastellin (Châteaulin) is that the digestate is being treated afterwards with a cost-effective technology, which cleanses digestate to disposable waste water. The cleaned… Read more

Fraddon, England

The biogas plant in Fraddon (UK), engineered and constructed by HoSt, consists mainly of disposal of category 3 animal by-products and input based on plant material, such as… Read more

Ellough, England

In Ellough, located in the English county of Suffolk, HoSt has constructed the a state-of-the-art Gas to Grid injection AD plant. In the plant, with a capacity of… Read more

Eppeville, France

In this project HoSt realised a digesting installation in the city of Eppeville in France. The industrial digestion installation has a capacity of 35.000 tons per year. HoSt… Read more

Waalwijk, The Netherlands

Waste to Bioenergy

HoSt has constructed a biogas plant in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, with the purpose of generating biomethane (green gas) from various waste streams

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Son, Netherlands

Large scale biogas plants

Ecoson built a bio-phosphate factory, of which HoSt built the manure digestion plant. In this plant, pig manure and stomach contents are digested, after which they are processed… Read more

Hengelo, Netherlands

HoSt and Twence started a cooperation in 2010 with the aim to develop and build a combi-digester. The combi-digester is a pilot projects and fits into the “waste to… Read more

Hereford, Great Britain

In this project, a digesting installation is realized with a total capacity of 1.56 MWe. Besides the ‘normal’ input of a co-digester (cattle manure, chicken manure and corn),… Read more

Tilburg, Nederland

HoSt built a digestion plant at the Attero facility in Tilburg in which 100% food waste past date is processed together with digestate from the green waste digester at the same location.

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Echten, Netherlands

sludge treatment

The digestion plant of Water Board Reest en Wieden ensures that the entire sewage treatment plant, including sludge digestion, runs energy neutral. The system leads to a reduction of… Read more

Assen, Netherlands

HoSt has developed a system for upgrading biogas to a methane-rich product gas which can be injected into the gas grid. This plant is able to separate methane and carbon dioxide… Read more

Bree, Belgium

HoSt built a co-digestion plant at Biogas Bree. Unique about this system is that the vegetable and animal material is digested and drained in seperate lines. In Belgium, the… Read more

Aalter, Belgium

This plant in Aalter, which is operated by Eneco, is optimized by HoSt. The plant was originally built by a German supplier and only suitable for the digestion… Read more