Farm scale digestion plants

Priekules Novads, Latvia

This installation, built by HoSt, uses agricultural products and manure to produce sustainable electricity and heat. Unique about this installation is that the input and mixing concept also… Read more

Valmiera, Latvia

In Valmiera (Latvia), an extension has been made to the biogas plant already built by HoSt. For the digestion of cattle manure with a combination of corn, grass and… Read more

Dobeles Pagasts, Latvia

This installation is one of the first biogas installations that is built in Latvia. The installation uses agricultural products and manure to produce sustainable energy and heat. Unique… Read more

Piekoszów, Poland

The biogas plant in Piekoszów was the first installation in Poland built by HoSt. The installation is built next to the slaughter house and optimally equipped to digest  category 3… Read more

Buzau, Romania

HoSt has built a biogas installation in Buzau, Romania, at a chicken slaughter house. The purpose is to produce sustainable electricity and heat out of the slaughter house waste.… Read more

Sterksel, Netherlands

Pig innovation centre Sterksel is, in cooperation with the Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), a research and innovation centre for renewable energy and pig farming. A biogas… Read more

Wommelgem, Belgium

In this biogas plant at Biofors, pig manure in combinations with co-materials is digested. This produces an electrical output of 18,000 MWh per year. Energy-rich, dry products are used… Read more

Herk-de-stad, Belgium

HoSt built a co-digestion installation in Herk-de-stad (Belgium). Unique about this system is that the vegetable and animal material is digested and drained in seperate lines. The vegetable… Read more

Tynaarlo, Netherlands

HoSt built a biogas plant on the dairy farm Cremershoeve. Cattle manure and other co-materials are digested in this plant. Unique about this system is the focus on… Read more

Warmenhuizen, Netherlands

The biogas installation at Pronk in Warmenhuizen (Netherlands) initially contained a 190 kWe CHP unit. Immediately after the startup, the istallation is expanded with a second  CHP unit of 190 kWe.… Read more

Donderen, Netherlands

HoSt built a co-digestion installation for the digestion of manure with low-grade residues, including residues from the sugar beet industry. Unique about installation is that the heat that is generated… Read more