Farm scale digestion plants

Jelsum, The Netherlands

COMPLETE REPOWERING AND CONVERSION TO BIOMETHANE PLANT The biogas plant at a cattle farm in Jelsum in The Netherlands was originally constructed by HoSt in 2006 generating electricity… Read more

Pipriac, France

In the village of Pipriac in France HoSt has built a farm scale biogas plant with a capacity of 8,300 ton per year and a large variety of… Read more

Chernozemen, Bulgaria

For this project in Chernozemen, Bulgaria, HoSt built a biogas plant with a capacity of 1.5 MWe, mainly based on the input of liquid cow manure with co-products as… Read more

Courcoué, France

HoSt built a biogas plant with a capacity of 330 kWe south of Tours, France. The plant converts all cattle manure and litter in combination with old grass into electricity. The available heat will be utilized for the drying of Alfalfa and wood chips.

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Botoš, Serbia

HoSt built a biogas plant in Botoš, Zrenjanin in Serbia. The first phase is now completed, with an electricity production of 600kW.

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Euston, England

AD plant overview

The Euston Estate AD plant is built in Euston, Suffolk. In this AD plant biogas is produced from which water and H2S in removed. The scope included the… Read more

Tsalapitsa, Bulgaria

AD plant_Bulgaria

The Biona Gas project, is a biogas plant with a capacity of 1.5 MWe, mainly based on the input of liquid cow manure with co-products as silage corn and… Read more

Spilsby, Great Britain

In the village Spilsby, HoSt has built a digestion plant with a total capacity of 1,200 kWe. The input of the plant consists of corn and grass. The… Read more

Portlaw, Ireland

HoSt has built a biogas plant with a total capacity of 600 kWe at this project in Ireland. The plant features a solid feeding system suitable for 100% sewage sludge.… Read more

Talgarth, Great Britain

HoSt has constructed a biogas plant in Talgarth, Great-Britain, with the purpose of generating sustainable electricity and heat from slaughterhouse waste. Next to the waste products from the slaughter house,… Read more

Norfolk, Great Britain

This AD plant, built in Norfolk, Great Britain, uses manure, corn and waste products to produce sustainable electricity and heat. The system generates 1.56 MWe of electricity and heat.… Read more

Zórawina, Poland

HoSt has built a biogas plant in Zórawina (Poland) for the digestion of pig manure combined with corn and sugar beet pulp. Project Milestones Startup 2012 Specifications Input Digestion of… Read more

Zalesie, Poland

Vergistingstanks met VSI en Flare

HoSt built this installation in 2011 at a large pig farm in Poland. The installation is exploited by Polenergia for the generation of sustainable electricity. The pig farm… Read more