HoSt supplies a large number of additives such as activated carbon, trace elements, anti-foam, iron sludge and enzymes.

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Operating systems

The PlantControl® system of HoSt provides you with an advanced operating system. The plant can be controlled remotely and trends can be followed.

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Biogas upgrading units

HoSt offers a compact unit that can upgrade biogas to natural gas quality. The membrane separation systems are very easy to operate and the modules are easily interchangeable.

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Biogas flares

Biogas flaring

HoSt offers flares for flaring the biogas. Biogas flare of various capacities can be delivered.

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This filter system by HoSt sifts larger parts out of the liquid input stream for an optimal protection of the plant.

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Membrane roofs

Double Membrane roof

HoSt offers single and double membrane roofs. Due to the special design of the membrane roofs of HoSt there is minimal penetration of biogas.

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Optimal mixing of biomass in digester tanks with the HoSt mixing technology.

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Storage tanks

HoSt can supply different solutions for input and storage of liquid materials. HoSt has extensive experience in the application of different storage systems.

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HoSt supplies various types of pumps. Depending on the input material HoSt offers the most suitable solution for pumping mass to the digesters.

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Spare parts

Biogas Technology

HoSt offers a wide range of smaller components for bio-energy systems such as peepholes, pressure relief valves, blowers.

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HoSt supplies biogas engines from 65 to 2000 kW. The CHP engines of HoSt have a high electrical efficiency and heat recovery.

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