Biomass combustion

Lelystad, Netherlands

This 15 MWt wood-fired heating plant in Lelystad, Netherlands will supply renewable heat to the district heating net of Lelystad. The plant will combust annually up to 30,000… Read more

Salaspils, Latvia

The combined heat and power (cogeneration) plant in Salaspils, a city near capital Riga in Latvia, is a highly efficient wood-fired CHP with a high pressure (52 bar) water… Read more

Lizums, Latvia

The plant in Lizums is a highly efficient wood-fired CHP with a high pressure (55 bar) water tube steam boiler of 14.5 MWt and a 3.3 MWe steam… Read more

Rēzekne, Latvia

In Rezekne, HoSt has built a wood-fired CHP plant. The plant supplies 3 MWe electricity to the net and 11MWth of heath to a wood drying system.

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Valka, Latvia

The bioenergy plant in Valka built by HoSt supplies hot water to the district heating network and supplies electricity to the local grid. The owner of the plant… Read more

Beetgum, The Netherlands

In 2006, Pepper Nursery Vink Sion has been extended from 3 to 7 ha. greenhouses with peppers. HoSt built a wood-fired combined heat and power plant for the… Read more

Krāslava, Latvia

In Kraslava, an old boiler system is replaced by a wood-fired boiler. This boiler is integrated with an existing steam turbine.

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Lelystad, The Netherlands

Customer : Nuon Location: Lelystad, Netherlands Branch: Energy company Scope of supply: Engineering wood fired boiler with steam turbine and city heating WKC Lelystad (1.5 MWe, 6 MWth)… Read more

Goor, The Netherlands

Customer : BET (Bruins en Kwast, Cogas, Oom) Location: Goor, Netherlands Branch: Biomass recycling Scope of supply: Integration of a steam turbine in a wood fired CHP plant