Carbon Capture from Combustion Flue Gas

As add-on to the industrial biomass-fired heat and power plant, HoSt offers modular containerized systems with amine technology to capture CO2 from the combustion flue gas. Carbon capture technology provides circularity, creates additional income, and produces a sustainable product that is a necessity in many industries. HoSt developed an in-house Carbon Capture technology using Bright’s carbon capture technology.

With the modular and compact add on system, carbon from combustion flue gas is captured and converted into liquid or gaseous CO2. This allows thermal energy plants to reduce COemissions resulting in carbon neutral or carbon negative energy production. More information here.

The technology is characterized by its modularity: this allows us to provide a cost effective solution, while remaining flexible to project specific conditions. Product range availability: 800 – 8,000 kg/hour (2-20 MWt boiler plants). The product CO2 can either be delivered in a gaseous form, or can be combined with an in-house developed COliquefaction system to provide liquid CO2.

  • Carbon neutral or carbon negative production

  • High guarantee of own supply

  • Local production decreases dependency on big producers

  • No transport costs due to local production