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    Meet us in Nantes, France for your biomass-fired energy solution.

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HoSt offers compact and industrial biomass boilers for the production of renewable heat, steam and electricity. Visit us at stand W45 at the Bois Energie exhibition from 29 to 30 January in Nantes, France for more information!

Our compact biomass boilers are available in the capacity of 2 – 6 MWth to produce steam or hot water, suitable for various industrial processes and applications. And our industrial biomass boilers are available in a wide range of configuration options in the capacity of 6 – 50 MWth and 1 – 15 MWe for the production of steam, hot water and electricity.

Meet me at stand W45 and the Bois Energie from January 29 to 30 in Nantes, France!

  • Wide range of applications
  • Up to 25cm feedstock size
  • Produces steam / hot water
  • Up to 115% efficiency
  • Wide range of configuration options
  • Feedstock up to 30 cm & 25% ash content
  • Produces steam / hot water / electricity
  • Up to 120% efficiency

Meet us stand W45 at the Bois Energie!

We are happy to announce that we are attending the Bois Energie exhibition to offer you the opportunity to receive the information you need to ensure you meet your business goals.

Thanks to smart engineering, our energy systems reach high efficiency, long lifetime is guaranteed, and maintenance stops and costs are reduced to a minimum. HoSt offers turn-key solutions (EP/EPC) and tailor-made services to the specific clients’ demands.

Meet the HoSt biomass-fired energy systems experts at stand W45 and find out more about our biomass energy installations.



HoSt combustion technology

A flexible process and optimal combustion is realised through intelligent configuration of the furnace and the temperature control system in various combustion zones.

Due to the zone-controlled combustion process the temperature of the grate is kept low and the temperature in the second combustion phase is maintained at a higher temperature. The low grate temperature allows a greater variety of biomass fuels with low as melting point to be processed. This might include wood (with leaf), compost, straw, chaff and similar biomass waste products.

The zone-controlled combustion process results in a high efficiency, complete combustion, with low emissions of CxHy, CO and NOx. The high efficiency is achieved by minimising stack losses and keeping the flue gas flow low.

Our optimal HoSt combustion technology results in low maintenance costs and high availability.


HoSt has extensive experience in the engineering and construction of biomass-fired energy plants for a large range of companies and sectors. Depending on the input material available and your wishes, HoSt can give advice about the best option for an installation. Contact us for advice and information.

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