Biomethane production at veal farmer in Vriezenveen unique in NL

The Microferm Green Gas Installation, turn-key supplied by HoSt, at veal farmer Folbert in Vriezenveen, the Netherlands successfully fed biomethane into the national gas grid. This makes Folbert the first veal farmer in the Netherlands with a 100 percent small-scale manure digester that produces green gas.

This Microferm gas-to-grid installation produces 40 Nm3 biomethane (green gas) per hour, sufficient for the gas consumption of around 400 Dutch households. The produced biogas from the cow manure is being upgraded to green gas with natural gas quality, also known as biomethane. The high-quality green gas is directly injected into the national low pressure gas distribution network (LD-net). In 2016, biomethane from a manure digester was injected into the low pressure gas network for the first time in the Netherlands.


Reduction of methane emissions

In addition to this sustainable way of producing energy, the methane – a strong geenhouse gas – is considerably reduced. HoSt not only engineered, optimised and built the installation, but also ensures the daily functioning of the installation with an all-in-maintenance contract of twelve year with the farmer.

This project is made possible by funding from the Province of Overijssel.