Biomass to energy with HoSt boilers & CHP plants

HoSt Group supplies turnkey highly efficient combustion plants: biomass boilers, wood boilers, biomass-fired cogeneration plants, waste boilers, and waste-fired cogeneration plants. Our industrial boiler technology is the top of class in the medium sized range from 8 MWt to 25 MWt boiler capacity to produce renewable heat. And 1 to 10 MWe to produce renewable electricity. HoSt biomass-to-energy or waste-to-energy plants with best available technology are highly standardized and available in three variants: for 1) woody biomass, 2) RDF/SRF/other waste and for 3) agricultural residues.

Our combustion control technology together with the latest and best proven flue gas cleaning technology in the market ensures the systems have the lowest emissions in the market. Even the strictest emission limits can be achieved with the HoSt flue gas cleaning system. The ideal solution for industrial processes, empowering your sustainability ambitions. Contact us now.


Capacity range:
8-25 MWth, up to 10 MWe


Three variations:

1) woody biomass
2) RDF/SRF/other waste
3) Agricultural residues

Lowest emissions in the industry

Driven by the strictest emission limits in Europe (Dutch emission directive), HoSt developed a best available clean energy technology that is able to achieve the lowest CO, NOx, CO2, (fine) dust, HCL, and SOx concentrations.

Highest electrical and thermal efficiency

High electrical efficiency (>25%) obtained by a high-pressure water tube steam boiler (up to 90bar and 485°C) in combination with an efficient multistage steam turbine.

High availability

High availability of the installations in excess of 8,400 running hours a year, equivalent to an availability of >96%.

Fuel flexibility

Biomass (power) plants with fuel flexibility: from RDF and straw to wood particles up to 25 cm, from moisture contents of 10% to 60%, even suitable for fuels with a low ash melting point, high chlorine, or sulfur content.

High performance with low OPEX

Driven by efficient design with high availability and high degree of automation.

Low civil & building costs

Boiler installed next to furnace in the biomass (power) plant leading to low civil costs due to low building height and low foundation loads.

Advantages of a HoSt boiler / CHP plant

Scalable, modular design

Lifecycle support

Lowest emissions

Best available technology for medium-sized capacity

24/7 Service & Maintenance

Full bioenergy technology suite

To date, HoSt has built over 350 bioenergy plants worldwide with full renewable energy technology portfolio in biomass boilers, waste boilers, wood boilers, cogeneration plants, fluidized bed gasifiers, anaerobic digesters, biogas upgrading systems, carbon capture, CO2 liquefaction, and bio-LNG technologies. Operating in 30+ countries, HoSt is a flexible partner for you as both EPC contractor and biomass to energy technology provider.

Energy as a service from HoSt

Besides the supply of turnkey bioenergy plants, HoSt also owns & operates own plants and can step in as energy supplier for (collective) renewable heat/power offtake. This energy service is an ideal solution when the customer wishes to not own and operate a facility itself. Contact us for more information about our turnkey biomass-to-energy plants or our Energy as a Service.

Clean biomass-to-energy technology

HoSt has deep experience and understanding of combustion, biomass power plants, wood boilers, biomass-to-energy, and waste-to-energy projects, resulting in innovative and cleanest technologies. Our high-quality bioenergy plants are both unique and innovative and produce energy from biomass and waste in a clean and efficient way.

HoSt is the medium sized biomass- & waste-fired combustion industry reference point for the following reasons:

HoSt offers a total biomass boiler solution for the production of steam, hot water and electricity from organic waste streams. Make sure to contact us for more information.

  • Lowest emissions in the industry

  • Highest electrical & thermal efficiency

  • High reliability

  • Competitive pricing

  • High customer satisfaction

  • In-house expertise

    HoSt has the internal knowledge and expertise in every stage of the project: project development, design and engineering, project management, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. HoSt understands every stage of the project and in combination with our own technology we can seamlessly integrate your project in the economical best solution.

  • Innovation

    Our own combustion plants and research facilities enable us to innovate in areas our competitors do not. In-house R&D plants, laboratory, and studies performed together with the university led to several patents and innovations. The feedback of our operators and maintenance department is included in new designs, leading to an optimal setup for your project.

  • High efficiency

    Due to optimal combustion control, our installations can run on a very low surplus of air which increases the overall efficiency. Together with a flue gas condenser an overall efficiency on lower heating value of 130% can be realized. A high electrical efficiency is achieved due to unique water tube boiler design: steam parameters up to 480°C and 90 bar can be produced leading to a very high electrical efficiency.

  • Low operational costs

    Low operational costs are realized in several ways: fuel savings due to the high overall efficiency, autonomous (unmanned) operation of the plant, selecting high-quality equipment of renowned suppliers, high availability, minimum amount of maintenance/cleaning stops per year, and optimal plant control. Our design is based on a total lifetime of 25 years.

  • Low civil costs

    The water tube boiler is installed next to the furnace instead of on top of the furnace, leading to lower civil costs: the building height is limited, less stairs and platforms are required, and foundation loads are lower.

  • Fast delivery time

    Our modular design ensures a very fast delivery: within two years after contract signing the plant can deliver heat and electricity. HoSt built biomass-fired plants that were operational within 12 months.

Competitive price

High availability and at the same time very price competitive.

Robust & high quality

Robust combustion installations with high quality key equipment from renowned suppliers enabling longer lifetime: e.g., high chromium steel firing grate, flue gas recirculation, usage of only high-quality equipment.

Efficient & automated

Easy to operate and highly efficient installations, thanks to high degree of automation and development. The installation is designed to run autonomously (unmanned) for 24 hours. This results in lower operating cost compared to average/other design.

Best available technology

Latest and best proven technology for flue gas cleaning in the market, enabling to meet extraordinarily low limits.

Research & development

In-house R&D plants, laboratory, and team, resulting in several patents and innovations.

Own & operate

HoSt owns several biomass CHP plants, allowing use to understand what is important for a customer from both a practical and economical viewpoint. Resulting in best available biomass-to-energy technologies.


Interested in what we can offer? Or interested in visiting one of our projects? For example the wood-fired bioenergy plant in Beetgum, the bio-CHP in Strijp or in Meerhoven? Or do you need more information about our biomass boilers and waste boilers? Contact us. We would be glad to assist you and help you in making the best choice.

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