Flue gas cleaning

To complement the installation HoSt also supplies the flue gas cleaning systems. HoSt is widely experienced with various flue gas cleaning systems for installations fired with both clean fuels and waste stream fuels.

In accordance with local regulations

All systems are equipped in the first stage with a multi-cyclone filter to remove dust. In the second stage the flue gas cleaning takes place. The applied flue gas cleaning technique is strongly dependent on the type of fuel and local emission regulations. The emission requirements often determine the type of filtering system.

A flue gas condenser is applied when the dust emission requirement is lower than 100mg/Nm3 and with clean fuels. An electrostatic filter is applied till 20 mg/Nm3. A bag house filter is applied where stricter requirements need to be met.

Chemical contaminations

An absorbent-injection is applied where chloride, sulphur or other chemical contaminations need to be removed. An absorbent-injection is always equipped in combination with a bag house filter. The absorbent, bicarbonate or lime, is selected based on the desired cleaning temperatures and concentrations of the chemicals. Active carbon can also be dosed if required.

Low NOx emissions

A special combustion technique is applied in a HoSt installation that keeps NOx emissions relatively low. However, if NOx emissions are high, should there be high nitrogen concentrations in the fuel or if local emission requirements are strict, then we can provide additional measures as needed.

Urea-injection in the furnace can be applied to reduce the NOx emission down to approximately 50%. If an even lower NOx emission is required then a de-NOx system is installed downstream to further reduce NOx concentrations.

Projects & more information

HoSt has already realised multiple biomass-fired combined heat and power plants in both the Netherlands and abroad with a flue glas cleaning system. A complete overview of our projects is available here. Interested in what we can offer? Or interested in visiting one of our projects? For example the wood-fired bioenergy plant in Beetgum, the bio-CHP in Strijp or in Meerhoven? Or need more information? Contact us now.

eindhoven (strijp), Netherlands

This bio-CHP in Strijp has an extensive flue gas cleaning system to meet the stringent requirements in the Netherlands.



Lizums, Latvia

This installation is a highly efficient wood-fired CHP in Lizums with a multicyclone flue gas cleaning system.