A flexible process and optimal combustion is realised through intelligent configuration of the furnace and the temperature control system in various combustion zones. This is achieved by:

  • Applying grate zones with independent control of primary air intake and recirculating flue gasses, allowing the temperature in each grate zone to be individually controlled.
  • A robust moving floor, chain conveyor and feed-in system suitable for various biomass fuels with particle size up to 15 cm.
  • Gasifying the fuel on the grate. The flammable gas is combusted above the fuel bed in three stages:

1. Just above the grate by injecting primary air under the grate.

2. Further above the grate by injecting secondary air. Flue gasses are injected in order to control the temperature.

3. In the venturi – a highly turbulent zone – by adding tertiary air. In this way the combustion temperature can raise up to 1000 °C so that complete combustion occurs with very low CxHy, CO and NOx emissions.