Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants

HoSt supplies biomass fired Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants of 1 MWe up to 10 MWe and 3 MWt up to 25 MWt. Biomass CHP plants greater than 6 MWe are built in two combustion lines in combination with one larger efficient steam turbine.

The advantages of HoSt CHP plants:

High electrical efficiency

High electrical efficiency obtained by a high pressure water tube steam boiler in combination with an efficient multi stage steam turbine.

Higher net electricity

20% to 30% higher net electricity yield than a comparable installation based on an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle). Achieved by a low own electricity consumption and a high boiler efficiency.

High availability

High availability of the installations in excess of 8200 running hours a year, equivalent to an availability of 94%.

Extra high efficiency in summer

Extra high electrical efficiency during the summer due to a lower temperature of the heating water, allowing the steam in the turbine to expand further and therefore generate more electricity.

Fuel flexibility

Fuel flexibility: from sawdust to wood particles up to 15 cm, from moisture contents of 10% to 55%, even suitable for fuels with a low ash melting point.

Competitive price

High availability and at the same time very price competitive.

Projects & more information

HoSt has already realised multiple biomass-fired combined heat and power plants in both the Netherlands and abroad. A complete overview of our projects is available here. Interested in what we can offer? Or interested in visiting one of our projects? For example the wood-fired bioenergy plant in Beetgum, the bio-CHP in Strijp or in Meerhoven? Or need more information? Contact us now.

eindhoven (strijp), Netherlands

Bioenergy plant Strijp supplies heat to the district heating net of Eindhoven. The plant burns wood chips and produces green electricity as well as heat.



rĒzekne, Latvia

This bioenergy plant supplies approx. 3 MWe of electricity to the net and approx. 11MWth of heat to a wood drying system of a wood pellet production plant.