Biomass fuels flexibility

HoSt bioenergy plants can be fired with a great range of biomass fuels such as RDF, wood, straw, chaff, olive pulp, chicken manure or other (organic) waste.

Fuels flexibility of HoSt bioenergy plants

The bioenergy plants can be fired using a great range of biomass fuels. For example fuels with:

  • Moisture content ranging from 10% to 55%.
  • Particle size up to 15 cm.
  • Low ash melting point: fuels such as contaminated wood, straw, chaff, chicken manure, RDF and other organic waste.


Projects & more information

HoSt has already realised multiple biomass-fired combined heat and power plants in both the Netherlands and abroad. A complete overview of our projects is available here. Interested in what we can offer? Or interested in visiting one of our projects? For example the wood-fired bioenergy plant in Beetgum, the bio-CHP in Strijp or in Meerhoven? Or need more information? Contact us now.

eindhoven (strijp), Netherlands

Bioenergy plant Strijp supplies heat to the district heating net of Eindhoven. The plant burns wood chips and produces green electricity as well as heat.



rĒzekne, Latvia

This bioenergy plant supplies approx. 3 MWe of electricity to the net and approx. 11MWth of heat to a wood drying system of a wood pellet production plant.