Biogas upgrading for production of green gas at WWTP ‘De Groote Lucht’

HoSt has been awarded the contract to build a biogas upgrading installation for the regional water authority ‘Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland‘, one of the 22 Dutch water authorities. The installation will produce green gas at the ‘De Groote Lucht’, Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Vlaardingen. The first green gas is expected to be injected into the gas grid in October 2017.

The biogas upgrading system has a capacity of 350 Nm3/hour biogas. Using HoSt’s proven membrane treatment technology, the produced biogas at WWTP ‘De Groote Lucht’ is upgraded to a methane-rich product gas, also known as biomethane or green gas. The production of the high-quality green gas contributes to the reduction of CO2-emissions at the WWTP, where it is fed directly into the natural gas grid.

Biogas upgrading is the future

The wastewater treatment plant produces annually, 1.9 million m3 of biogas, which is currently being converted into electricity and heat using existing gas engines. HoSt will replace these gas engines with its biogas upgrading installation, delivered in a 40 ft. compact container. The existing engines produce a surplus of heat that cannot be utilised and is therefore wasted. The biogas upgrading system, on the other hand, captures all of the available biogas energy in the form of grid quality green gas and because of this, the total efficiency is maximised. HoSt will design, supply, construct and commission the installation and will be responsible for the regulatory application and approval of the system. HoSt is therefore playing a key part in improving the sustainability of Delfland.