Digestion of green waste

HoSt has developed a proven installation for the digestion of polluted organic waste currents, i.e. green waste or roadside grass.

Waste to Bioenergy      

This concept is focused on digesting organic waste matter through a combination of container digestion and mixed liquid tanks. This combination has the following advantages:

  • Clean waste currents can be processed with the cheapest digestion technique per m3 biogas (Stirred wet tank reactor)
  • Polluted streams (polluted with sand, stones, plastic, etc.) can be digested in a container without preparation or sanitation step
  • The digestion in the container can be started-up many times faster than conventional container digesters, due to ‘wet’ digesters, because there are no start-up or stop losses in time and methane
  • The input of other biomass streams can compensate a lower production of biogas from green waste as a result of the difference in quality of green waste due to seasonal changes

The aim is efficient use of valuable digestion volume so as to obtain as much biogas as possible.