Biogas Plant Marrum successfully Supplies first Biomethane to Grid

The biomethane monodigester in the Frisian Marrum, Netherlands successfully supplied the first biomethane into the natural gas grid. The biogas plant digests annually more than 35,000 tons of manure and produces annually 2.2 million Nm3 of biomethane, equivalent to the average yearly gas consumption of approximately 1,450 households.

Odor treatment

The biomass, that is being used as feedstock for digestion in the biogas plant, is stored in enclosed spaces. The air that is eventually released has first been treated with an advanced odor treatment technique to guarantee a minimal odor.

SDE+ Subsidy

The project receives SDE+ (Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production) subsidy: a fixed feed-in tariff per Nm3 of produced biomethane is provided for the next 12 years.

Owner & Operator

HoSt is the owner and commercially operator of the biogas facility in Marrum and is owner of numerous biomass energy plants. HoSt strives to generate 30% of its turnover in 2021 from exploitation of own installations.