Biogas Marrum of HoSt receives Better Biomass sustainability certificate

Biogas company ‘Biogas Marrum’, owned by HoSt, has received the internationally recognized Better Biomass sustainability certificate (NTA 8080). This certification confirms the sustainable origin of the renewable gas produced, with a CO2 emission reduction of 94.4%.

The certificate is issued to organizations that produce, trade or process sustainable biomass in accordance with the set requirements. Biogas Marrum anaerobic digests manure with up to 5% organic residual products for the production of 2.2 million Nm3 (cubic metres) of biomethane annually. In addition to guaranteeing the sustainable origin of the biomass, the use of this biomass must lead to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the use of fossil fuels. The entire chain is included in this reduction calculation, as well as the plant’s own energy consumption.

“We are particularly proud of the very high CO2 emission reduction, which on the one hand contributes positively to reducing the total CO2 footprint and on the other hand to the energy transition”, says project developer Tjeerd Smit of HoSt.

The biomethane production at Biogas Marrum is sufficient for the annual gas needs of over 1,450 households.

Better Biomass

The Better Biomass certification is recognized by the European Commission and corresponds to the Renewable Energy Directive, 2009/28/EC. Sustainability criteria for the biomass used for energy production is part of the certification. The certificate is granted for five years. Each year, an independent certification body reassesses whether the requirements of the directive are met in order to remain certified.