Bioenergy pushes Green Energy Day forward

Today is Green Energy Day. The day that this year ‘runs out’ of green energy in the Netherlands. Also in the past year, bioenergy, energy from biofuels, pushes this day forward. Although the day falls early in the year now, within three decades it is planned that Green Energy Day will fall on the very last day of the year. An almost completely sustainable energy supply in the Netherlands by 2050; made measurable by the shift of the Green Energy Day from 10 days a year. And made feasible by sustainable energy initiatives, such as those of HoSt.

In 2020, the share of renewable energy in the Netherlands was 11%, of which around two-thirds was from bio-resources or organic waste streams. HoSt’s contribution is significant every year thanks to delivered installations and techniques that upgrade inexhaustible organic waste streams to sustainable energy and valuable raw materials. It concerns low-grade regional waste streams without useful other final destination. Thanks to these several proven techniques, the joint 2050 mission is not unachievable. And to keep Green Energy Day on the right track, energy from biofuels, such as green gas is indispensable.

Read more about the benefits and necessity of biomethane as part of the energy transition in the New Energy Coalition‘s ‘green gas panorama‘.

Green energy from HoSt

HoSt is contributing to the energy transition and shifting Green Energy Day in the right direction. Anaerobic digestion in biogas plants for the production of biogas. Like the biogas plant in Marrum and the Microferm manure digester in Koudum. Biogas reprocessing with membrane technology for green gas production, such as in Alphen-Chaam and in Waalwijk. And combustion in a biomass boiler plant for the production of heat, electricity and steam. In Eindhoven for district heating and in Andijk for green heat supply to the surrounding greenhouse horticulture. A strong example of ‘taking the greenhouse off the gas’. In all cases carried out with sophisticated flue gas cleaning technology for achieving low emissions far above the standard. HoSt builds these installations worldwide.

The Green Energy Day is an initiative of the Dutch Association for Sustainable Energy (NVDE).