The ‘HoSt Operators Day’ last Friday was a great success! Both the operators of the biomass-fired energy plants and the operators of the biogas plants came together. This allowed them to get to know each other better. In addition, they learned the similarities and differences of each other’s function as operators of bioenergy systems that differ in techniques. 

The operators visited the HoSt-operated biomass-fired energy plant in Eindhoven and the HoSt-owned biogas plant Wabico in Waalwijk to get to know the different techniques applied and followed by a barbecue. Although both type of plants greatly differ from each other in terms of techniques, they have one thing in common: they produce renewable energy from bio-waste. This type of energy is also known as bioenergy.

Biomass-fired energy plants produce bioenergy by combusting – also known as firing or incinerating -, local prunings and cuttings. Biogas plants, also known as (anaerobic) digestion plants, produce bioenergy by digesting bio-waste.

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