HoSt came into existence in 1991 as the result of a joint-venture between Holec Projects and Stork, two well-established suppliers of energy systems.

From 1999 onwards HoSt has been a fully independent business whose activities focus 100% on the technological development of waste-to-energy systems for the processing of biomass and waste flows and the supply of systems for the sustainable generation of energy from biomass and waste. HoSt has built up extensive experience in the processing of diverse waste flows from the food-processing industry and agricultural by-products such as straw, chaff and grass cuttings.

HoSt has become a major European supplier of bioenergy systems with over 27 years’ experience, a large service team throughout Europe and a team of more than 120 engineers who design, construct and install our advanced bioenergy systems.

We are always looking for new colleagues and we continuously offer internships and graduation assignments. Please visit our career page (in Dutch) for current vacancies.

Bioenergy specialist

“Biomass energy systems play an increasing role in the market of environmentally sustainable energy production. HoSt wants to contribute to this goal and strives to be market leader in the Netherlands and a prime actor in the European market of supplying biomass energy systems. A strong focus on research and development of technology for practical application forms the basis of the position of HoSt in the energy market”.

Herman Klein Teeselink
Director HoSt since 1991