Celebrating 30 Years of HoSt

On the 18th of October 2021, HoSt celebrated its 30th anniversary! We are grateful for the many people who have contributed to our business and allowed us to contribute to theirs.

We are celebrating 30 years of relationships with our customers, our partners, the industry members and professionals and our colleagues all over the world. Thank YOU for your confidence, collaboration and dedication!

It is an honour to be a major technological contributor to the acceleration of the worldwide energy transition and a zero-waste society.

As thank you and homage to founder and owner Herman Klein Teeselink, the anniversary is forever celebrated with the jubilee stone that has been anchored next to the entrance of the headquarters in Enschede, the Netherlands. Before the unveiling of the stone, the 30th anniversary was celebrated with a breakfast all together, both at the headquarters and at the international offices of HoSt.