Construction of bioenergy plant in Harderwijk is unique collaboration

Infographic by Waterschap Vallei & Veluwe ©

In an unique public-private partnership between The Vallei and Veluwe Regional Water Authority and manure transport company Jan Bakker HoSt will build a biogas plant and a biogas upgrading system.

The bioenergy plant is called ‘Bio-energiecentrale Harderwijk’ and will produce approximately 12.5 million Nm³ biogas annually which will be upgraded in the Bright Biomethane system to 8 million Nm³ biomethane annually. The biomethane will be injected into the national gas grid and is equivalent to the natural gas consumption of more than 5,000 households.


The bioenergy plant will produce three products: biomethane, digestate and CO2. The CO2 will be supplied to a neighbouring brick factory. This way, the plant will make a positive contribution to the climate change, by capturing the CO2.