15 MWth wood-fired district heat plant in Lelystad put into operation

The 15 MWth wood-fired heating plant in Lelystad, the Netherlands, turnkey supplied by HoSt and commissioned by heat supplier Primco, produces as of today sustainable heat for the district heating network of the city of Lelystad. Up to 21,000 tons of wood chips from necessary forest maintenance in the area will be combusted annually.

“The project was completed on schedule. We have nothing but praise for the various collaborations to make all success possible”, says project manager Alwin Boelsma. The heating plant can heat up to 5,000 houses and saves around 7.5 million Nm3 of natural gas. The official go-ahead for construction of the plant was given in December last year.

Solution high heat demand

During the high heat demand in the morning, better known as the ‘morning ramp’, the biomass heat plant is able to momentary supply heat. Instead of 15 MWth, the installation then supplies 20 MWth to the net. The extra heat is realised by two heat buffers that are charged during the night.